Windster Hoods - 36" Externally Vented Range Hood - Stainless steel

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This Windster Hood RA-34LU36SS range hood features a turbine impeller motor with 3 fan speeds and a 650 cfm exhaust capacity to quickly remove smoke and odors from the air as you cook. Push buttons offer simple control, and LEDs illuminate the cooktop.


Turbine impeller design with 650 cfm exhaust capacity

Efficiently eliminates smoke and odors from the air.

Push button controls

Allow you to select from 3 fan speeds for customized airflow. The LCD indicator displays the current speed level, and the 1-minute delay shut-off function enables flexible control.

2 LEDs

Illuminate your workspace for clear visibility.

Washable baffle filters

Trap particles to keep the air clean and feature handles for easy removal.

Stainless steel finish

Offers a stylish addition to your kitchen.



Currently, all the appliances in our store are open box but never been used. Even that most of them look as brand new, there might be some scratches and dents in some of them. Before the purchase, we let the costumers test the items.

""""Context USA"""" makes sure you take the item in the very best condition.


Windster Hoods - 36" Externally Vented Range Hood - Stainless steel
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