Employer: SAM & M GROUP LLC

Position: OPERATIONS Manager

 Brief Description of Job Duties: Oversee business activities of an online wholesaler of rugs, home décor, furniture, beauty, health & personal care products. Analyze sales and costs by product segment to understand what is most profitable. Use performance data to measure productivity and goal achievement to determine areas of cost reduction. Decide inventory purchases, discounts, and seasonal sales campaigns targeting holidays and other special days or events. Review reports of the company's inventory levels. Formulate sales and pricing policies, promotions, and marketing strategies. Manage day-to-day operations. Solve administrative problems.

 Required Degree: Bachelor’s degree in any field of business, management, communications, or public relations

 Experience: 24 months’ experience in job offered or in any position which required which involved the management of a retail or wholesale business.

 Special Requirement: Experience to include in any job in which one significant duty involved selling home goods, furnishings, or appliances.

 How to Apply: Mail resumes to Davud M. Ozcan, Manager at 15023 FONDREN ROAD HOUSTON TX 77489 or email to: samnmgroup@gmail.com

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